How to add a new site to Google Search Console


Hey everyone. Jobayer here. In this article, I am going to show you How to add a new site to Google Search Console. I will try to show it to you step by step so you can easily understand.

What is Google Search Console :

Google Search Console also knew as google webmaster is a free tool created by Google for websites owner to connect their website to google search engine. with this tool, you can monitor how your site doing in search results so you can do more work to rank it higher in the search results. you can also track if your site getting any types of error like server error, security error, indexing error etc. With Search Console, you can also test how fast your desktop and mobile users can able to load your website.

Adding your site to Google Search Console :

  1. Visit the Google Search Console website and click on the Start now button.
  2. Now sign in with your Google account.
  3. now you have to add your website URL for verification.
  4. There are two ways for website verification. Domain and URL prefix. I recommend the domain method because it’s very easy.
  5. enter your domain name without www or HTTP/HTTPS and press continue.
  6. it will open a new tab with a TXT record.
  7. Copy the TXT record.
  8. Now open your domain DNS manager if you are using Cloudflare then login to your Cloudflare account select the domain and click on the DNS tab.
  9. now add a new record. now add type – TXT, name – @ or your domain name, TTL – auto, Content – TXT record you copy from Google Search Console and save.
  10. now go back to Google Search Console page and click on the Verify button.

Google Search Console will now verify your website and will show you a success message. if you don’t see the success message then wait a few minutes and click on the Verify button again. Done. see it wasn’t that much hard.

I hope this tutorial helped you learn How to add a new site to Google Search Console. If you have any questions, suggestions or contributions, I would be happy to answer them in the comments.



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