How to change the DNS server on your Windows PC


Hey everyone. Jobayer here. In this article, I am going to show you how you can easily change the DNS server of your Windows PC. I will also show you how can you choose the fastest DNS easily.

DNS or Domain Name System is the internet protocol that turns normal human-readable website names into numeric addresses that machines can read. If you want to change your default DNS provided by your internet service provider for browsing speed or improve your privacy and security then follow this post. today I will share the best tool which makes this easy for you.

Dns Jumper :

Dns Jumper tool is my most favourite because its got every single features i like. It’s very easy to understand because of it’s clean interface. It’s not even the best thing of this tool. the best thing is it’s portable so you don’t have to install it into your PC. You can simply run it from your hard disk or from a USB drive.

How to Change Your DNS server :

  1. Download and run the Dns Jumper Tool.
  2. Select your network adapter.
  3. Now Choose a DNS Server, click on the drop-down menu and select a server from the list or select custom DNS and put your own DNS.
  4. Click on the Apply DNS button.

Done. you successfully change your DNS server. it’s this much easy.

Find Fastest DNS Server :

  1. Click on the Fastest DNS button.
  2. It will open a new tab with a list of the popular DNS servers.
  3. Checkmark all of them and click on the start DNS test button.
  4. after the test done you will hear a beep sound and it will show the fastest DNS on the first position of the list.

Flush DNS :

if you want to flush you DNS you can also do that with this tool. Click on the Flush DNS button to clear DNS resolver cache. This will make sure that you are connecting through the new DNS server rather than the old cached DNS server.

I hope this tutorial helped you learn How to change the DNS server on your Windows PC. If you have any questions, suggestions or contributions, I would be happy to answer them in the comments.


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